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"The latex fits like second skin, the straitjacket is molded to the precise form of a woman, ensuring that she is utterly helpless, tightly constricted, yet able to remain in the bondage indefinitely. It's sure to be a real zinger and the insightful crafting of your comment will no doubt teach us that a true BDSM master (like yourself) needs no expensive props to securely bind and dominate a woman."

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Wild Bill gets his chance to charm newcomer Kitty Langdon, but his best laid plans fail miserably and land him in a compromising position at the mercy of the beautiful and cruel islander. Kitty's beautiful almond skin and sensual voice draw us into her world of domination and sex, and she shows no quarter as bill begs for mercy.

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Julie Night Live, Part 2: "She screamed and begged for it to stop - but once the sauce is on there is nothing to do but ride it out. You can't safeword a chemical reaction, and if there's an antidote, no one knows what it

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"The sweat beads up on her ass. I thought about crawling blindly across the room to him and just endure it, but the catch is that with every thrust, he is made to answer question after question."

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"Cole has called a meeting with fellow teacher Gavin, she has had complaints about him and plans to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget!"

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With blonde hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders, she has quite a presence to behold. Unfortunately for Annette, at Device Bondage, just as in the US legal system, anything a model says, does or is, can and will be used against her during the sh

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