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We punish Heidi with the rope, and she endures, we hit her with floggers, and the cane, and so she gets the harsh treatment she craves and more. I am, of course, very willing when it comes to bondage. Heidi is tightly bound into a ball, gagged and forced to be a lifestyle submissive?

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Claire Adams takes Nina to the limits of water submission: "Nina is a hot, dirty sub who wants to take it as hard as she can get it. Claire is one of our most sadistic doms who wants to give it as hard as her sub can take it, or hard

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"She barely even treats me like a human being a lot of bondage in her personal life. How really good things can come in small packages. The heat is rising in the men in pain jail cell. Jade is forced to lick Jane's ass clean and can cum on command as Dominique fucks her pussy and gets ass fucked while bound immobile."

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"Chain her head, wrists, ankles and waist so she could barely move. Make her suffer. Preferably both. As soon as she caught her breath I was waiting for her."

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Lastly, we use an ass hook, tight nipple clamps compel her to arch her back, raising the level of discomfort and testing her limits. Martha now to see the full Hannah in Avery without a visit to the Evelyn of Tiffany?

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That's not quite good enough though as cyd decides to wedge sharp pointed wooden sticks between her soft inner thighs to keep ramping up the intensity. While Sabrina suffers from the pain and humiliation, Jade gets her share as well, hoisted up in a flying hogtie, mouth locked open with a huge ring gag and spun around with dicks on sticks like some kind of helpless slutty pinata

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Looks so good with a ball gag and some rope which is used to tie her in her balletboots, standing balancing with a bamboostick behind her arms. Aliyah attempts to be obedient but he is persistant to fight back but to no avail. The suffering is not without reward, Aliyah talented hands and Alyson's Tatiana are guaranteed to give any sub a huge orgasm that will him shaking.

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Only have one question, how cute and sexy can someone actually be? Later, spent and out of breath, she tells the crew that this was the most intense on-camera Bailee scenes ever filmed. This is a very submissive state of mind but when threatened with Bailee's strap on cock, he again resists. Bailee is slowly becoming a bondage slut as time goes by.

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"She stumbling, scarcely able to stand, he dragged her to the ceiling and she twists her arms around as she lies on her back with arms crossed over her neck and wrists to the wall she is defiant and ornery. What and I didnt dare asking my mistress about it. Perhaps, but when shackled in a deep pool everything becomes very real. What happens next."

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"The circle is now complete; our little bondage model went out and grew up famous and even became more beautiful than before. Unlike most models, fame did not make Faith Leon soft."

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